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Control Software

Control Software

Control Software » Products » Software » Control Software Control Software RxTools is a combination of applications which works with any of t... celý popis
Výrobce: Septentrio   Záruka: 24 měsíců

Geodetické GNSS, GIS GPS, OEM řešení, GNSS OEM řešení, speciální GNSS antény a aplikace

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Control Software popis:

Control Software

» Products » Software » Control Software
Control Software

RxTools is a combination of applications which works with any of the latest Septentrio GNSS receivers.* RxTools includes RxControl, RxLogger, RxUpgrade, Data Link, SBF Converter and SBF Analyzer. Each of these applications has been specially designed in order to allow an easy and productive interaction with Septentrio receivers. Each of these applications is explained below:

RxControl: is a graphical user interface which facilitates control and monitoring of Septentrio receivers in real time. Among different features it allows configuring any Septentrio receiver in a friendly way, offers multiple views for monitoring data and offers a simple logger allowing you to record SBF files of the data you receive real time.
RxLogger: is a GUI which provides advanced logging capability. Its main feature is support of logging on multiple streams, where an SBF frequency rate can be specified per stream. RxLogger also offers post-processing actions of SBF files such as conversion to RINEX format, conversion to CGGTTS format, FTP transfers, compression and even custom actions ideal for reference receivers.
RxUpgrade: If you need to update your Septentrio receiver with a new or different firmware simply use RxUpgrade. RxUpgrade is a small application which offers a handy and friendly GUI wizard for updating Septentrio receivers. RxUpgrade can also be called via command line allowing you to upgrade multiple receivers at a time in an easy and friendly way.
Data Link: Data Link is a graphical communication terminal with multiple ports which allows users to establish and forward connections between a receiver and other devices connected in serial and/or TCP/IP ports. Data Link is handy to use when transmitting Differential corrections (RTCM, CMR, etc.) to different ports, when setting up a Dial-up modem connection or when using command line scripts to set up communication devices.
SBF Converter: This is a graphical user interface which facilitates SBF log file conversion to various other formats such as ASCII, RINEX, KML (for Google visualization), etc. SBF Converter allows users to convert one or even multiple files at a time.
SBF Analyzer: is a new GUI application designed to analyze data from SBF log files. Just as RxControl SBF Analyzer allows the user to visualize multiple time plots of the SBF as well as to visualize historic information over the file. It is a powerful tool when deep analysis of data recorded by Septentrio receivers is needed.

* RxTools does not support PolaRx2e receivers, PolaRx Graphical Tools Java based application is available for these or older receivers.

In order to obtain the latest version of RxTools, navigate to one of our receiver product pages, e.g. http://www.septentrio.com/products/receivers/asterx2e-oem, and select the 'Support' tab.

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